Specially designed programs for the Orbite 360™

A program for each body part

The training system of Orbite 360™ offers a repertoire of exercises that affects the whole body: upper limbs, sheathing, lower limbs. The proposed movements work the qualities of joint amplitude, mobility, stability, motor control and force distribution in the limbs.

The movements directory is divided into categories; for each category, the lowest numbers are the simplest to the most complex. Each movement is identified at a level of execution: beginner, intermediate, advanced and Olympic.

Before you start a training program, navigate in the directory to familiarize yourself with the different families of movements and their execution criteria.

More than a hundred videos are at your disposal. This step will certainly allow you to make a wise choice about the program that will best meet your needs.

Make sure you have enough space to execute your movements. Aside from the sensations of muscular work, you should not feel pain. If pain occurs during a movement, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

Getting started with the programs

Depending on your needs, the Orbite 360 programs are built as training circuits. Each program is accompanied by a detailed plan as well as descriptive videos. In the detailed plan, you will find the sequence of exercises to be done and the number of series and rehearsals for each session. The exercise sequence is made in such a way that you can chain the movements.

Take the necessary rest between the sets in order to complete the session. Then, from session to session, you will see the challenge of your progress which is to increase the number of repetitions and the number of series. Browse the available programs to identify the ones that suits your needs; whether it is to loose weight, to get ready for a sport event or just to have fun.

Customize your program

 1 – Download the spreadsheet at your disposal.

2 – Take the list of exercises, see the descriptive videos to properly appropriate them.

3 – Try a series of maximum repetitions, note the number of repetitions.
4 – Enter your result in the spreadsheet.

5 – See your progress get organized instantly!

Specific Programs

« A new repertoire of motor actions with a presage of INCREDIBLE PROGRESSION »

Jean-François Brunelle
UQTR instructor at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières