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Orbite 360™
The perfect tool to stay active

Regardless of his age, the human being measures his quality of life in particular by the activities he is able to do; it can be as much of the daily activities (to do its housework, to dress, to move, to bend over, to lift an object, etc.) as of leisure and sports activities.

The Public Health Agency of Canada provides several tips for being active in its brochure on the Physical Activity of Seniors.

In particular, they affirm this: “it is beneficial to perform muscle and bone building activities that mobilize major muscle groups at least twice a week to improve posture and balance.”

Orbites 360™ programs for seniors do exactly that.

 Respect your abilities

Progress at your own pace!

Well-being and health!

The technical nature of the Orbite 360™ turns your extremities (your hands and feet) into a rolling machine. When a person starts training with the Orbite 360™, this reality leads to an overload of workout, both on the musculoskeletal structure and on the nervous system.

Thus, the new moves that you will produce by combining your capabilities with the Orbite 360™ will result in a specific adaptation; what initially was more demanding will become easy after 3 or 4 sessions.

By completing a program, you will add the worked movements to your personal repertoire; it’s not just about spending energy, it’s about contributing to your quality of life!

 Good practices

The movements proposed in the programs are to be execute in a safe context, respecting the limits of each one.

We suggest completing the entire program before moving on to the next.

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