Developing motricity and self-esteem of your teenager

Adopt a healthy and active lifestyle

In order to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle, teenagers and families have to choose into a wide range of stimuli: their daily lives are full of opportunities to move.

To accompany parents, teachers and coaches, the Canadian government has set up the “Sport for Life” program. A leading source of information, presents the athlete’s long-term development model.

The individual physical literacy, a dominant notion in this model is particularly interesting.

What is physical literacy?

According to

Physical Literacy is the cornerstone of participation and excellence in physical activity and sport. People who have gained physical literacy are more likely to be active for life.

Depends on age, maturation and abilities.
Should be taken care before the growth spurt in adolescence.
Depends on the importance given by society to certain activities.

People who have acquired a significant physical literacy:

Can perform a wide range of fundamental movement, motor skills and sports.

Can move with ease, confidence and creativity in different environments (soil, air, water, snow, ice …).

Have the ability to understand, and produce the different movements.

Choose to engage in physical activities that enhance their well-being and encourage them to strive for athletic excellence.

Enrich their repertoire of movements!

Let them progress at their own pace!

The impact of the Orbite 360™ on physical literacy

In this respect, the inclusion of the Orbite 360™ movement repertoire in a teenager’s skills has the potential to contribute significantly to his or her physical literacy.

By transforming extremities of limbs into a rolling platform (the technical nature of the Orbite 360™ movements), musculoskeletal and nervous system structures adapt in a unique way, creating new muscle synergies for the learner.

Good practices

The movements proposed in the programs are to be execute in a safe context, respecting the limits of each one.

We suggest completing the entire program before moving on to the next.

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