Imagine the diverse training possibilities with Orbite 360.
Check out the movement repertoire of Orbite 360 to better understand its technicalities.
Learn about Orbite 360 programs to better handle them.
Certification exam preparation.


Fitness and rehabilitation instructor specialist.


$ 245 /person +tx

Certification exam (on the spot)

No refund.

Orbite 360™ training is accredited by the Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec and qualifies for 4 credits.

Content of the training session

  1. Sharing knowledge on motivations for physical activity, fitness and training systems.
  2. General knowledge of functional anatomy
  3. General knowledge of human motor skills
  4. Orbite 360™
  5. Orbite 360™ repertoire
  6. Orbite 360™ programs
  7. Orbite 360™ uses in traditional training methods
  8. Certification exam preparation

General information

When / Where

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