Orbite 360™
Your performances are on the line!

Enrich your movement repertoire

Athletic development requires the work of a wide range of physical qualities. The inclusion of the Orbite 360™ in your training habits will allow you to work on the range of motion, mobility, stability, core, motor control and strength distribution in the limbs.

Working with the Orbite 360™ will positively influence your other training modalities, such as weight training or plyometric.

Browse the repertoire of movements and you will certainly find movements specific to your sport.

Enrich your repertoire of movements!

Maximize your performances!

Go beyond your goals

The technical nature of the Orbite 360™ turns your extremities (your hands and feet) into a rolling machine. When a person starts training with the Orbite 360™, this reality leads to an overload of workout, both on the musculoskeletal structure and on the nervous system.

Thus, the new moves that you will produce by combining your capabilities with the Orbite 360™ will result in a specific adaptation; what initially was more demanding will become easy after 3 or 4 sessions.

Good practices

The movements proposed in the programs are to be execute in a safe context, respecting the limits of each one.

We suggest completing the entire program before moving on to the next.

Athletic Programs

In addition to your physical training, specific sports programs invite you to develop motor actions that increase your performance.

Get the specific moves